Pintxos design and calm atmosphere in the center of Madrid

La Barra de Sandó offers a wide variety of pintxos that brings haute cuisine to everyone.


  Truffled potato salad with mayonnaise 5,00
Strawberry gazpacho 5,50
Kumato tomato salad with ewe's cheese


  Spanish Jabugo ham on toast and tomato 7,50
  Foie micuit, cheese and mango 7,50
Acorn ham (cured ham of a very hight quality)  28,00
Aubergine and cod brandade millefeuille with maple honey 5,50

Iberian ham croquettes

Casserole of tripe Madrillian style 5,50
Iberian pork ribs marinated in teriyaki and smoked cheese purée  5,50
  Huevos rotos (Broken Eggs) with Iberian cured ham served over sautéed potatoes 5,50
Courgette, cuttlefish ande Iberian ham pauppiete 6,00

Courgette ravioli filled with iberian pork à la Strogonoff

Pork belly scratching with banana chutney 6,50
Braised octopus with green asparagus and cheese cream 7,00
  Battered cod chunks with roasted pepper puree 7,50
  Tagliatelli of squid in its own ink 7,50
Duck tenderloin with trouffe sauce 8,00
  Lukewarm young ox steak tartare 8,00
  Sandwiches and Salad
  Santo Domingo Gourmet Sandwich 10,00
Garden Salad, tuna and egg 10,00
  Santo Domingo Gourmet hamburger 13,00
  Chips 3,00
Fruit salad 5,50
  Smoked cheesecake 5,50
  Lime mousse, wrinkled tuiles and (fresh) fruit sauce 5,50
Chocolate sandwich and orange vinaigrette 6,00

Prices VAT included.

*   This icon indicates the dishes suitables for celiacs. Please consult with us about other dishes on the menu, as they could be adapted for celiacs.

*Prices updated in June 28th, 2017