Design tapas (pinchos or pintxos) and quiet atmosphere in the center of Madrid.

La Barra de Sandó, exquisite tapas in Hotel Santo Domingo Madrid. Spanish gastronomy to delight the palate.

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La Barra de Sandó offers an extensive variety of cold and hot tapas and desserts.

The use of high quality ingredients and exquisite preparation, bring the author's dishes to all audiences.

La Barra de Sandó is a private space in the lobby of the Hotel Santo Domingo Madrid. Located in the square with the same name, next to the Gran Vía Madrileña and the bustling Plaza del Callao. La Barra is located in the nerve center, leisure and shopping in the capital.

The area of ​​the bar separates from the lobby of the Hotel Santo Domingo Madrid, by a white lattice, which shows the busy activity of a hotel but without being seen ... The space is crowned by a vault with golden panels that reflect The light that enters through the large windows that overlook the Plaza de Santo Domingo. The color is the stools, turquoise, and chairs, a living purple. A space that is full of amplitude thanks to the large mirrors that complete the ornamentation.